2023-2024 Atlantic Division Fantasy Hockey Preview (Part 2) Feat. Michael Amato

2023-2024 Atlantic Division Fantasy Hockey Preview (Part 2) Feat. Michael Amato (Sportsnet)

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Special guest Michael AmatoFantasy hockey contributor for Sportsnet, and Managing Editor for GoaliePost.com (Dobber Hockey) – joins us for part 2 of our 2023-2024 Atlantic Division Fantasy Hockey Preview!

As we do each off-season, we are going to assess each division (and team) based on results from the previous season; as well as any changes that were made as a result of the NHL Entry Draft and Free Agency. Which teams improved, declined, or remained largely the same? Team statistics, schedule notes, additions/departures, and projections for key fantasy-relevant players in 2023-2024. Our goal is to best prepare our readers and listeners for their fantasy drafts this Fall, and maybe improve their odds of winning a fantasy hockey championship.   

Montreal Canadiens

31-45-6 (8th in Atlantic) | GF/GM: 2.77 (26th) | GA/GM: 3.72 (29th) | GF%: 42.67 (28th) | CF%: 44.72 (29th) | PP%: 16.10 (29th) | PK%: 72.73 (29th)

Schedule Notes: The Montreal Canadiens have 13 back-to-back sets this season; tied for 4th most with Columbus and Toronto. 19 of their games (23%) are played on “light days” (days where fewer than 50% of teams are in action), the second fewest among all NHL clubs this upcoming season.

Key Additions: Alex Newhook (C), Lias Andersson (C), Gustav Lindstrom (D), Casey DeSmith (G)

Key Departures: Jonathan Drouin (LW), Mike Hoffman (LW), Joel Edmundson (D)

Top Fantasy Targets

🎯 Cole Caufield, LW/RW
2022 Avg. ADP: 115.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 43 Goals, 73 Points

Cole Caufield leads all Montreal Canadiens over the past 3 seasons with a shot rate of 10.81 SOG/60; and 2022-2023 was even better at 11.42 SOG/60, good enough for 18th league-wide. I’ve said it before, but a high shot rate is one of the most important characteristics a fantasy asset can possess, as it establishes a high-floor for goals. With 26 goals in just 46 games last season, Caufield played at a 46-goal pace over 82 games. If you’re able to get Caufield anywhere near his current ADP (take with a grain of salt) of 143.1 (late 11th round) that is tremendous value for a 40+ goal scorer. 

🎯 Nick Suzuki, LW
2022 Avg. ADP: 122.5 | PTS. PREDICTION: 27 Goals, 70 Points

Nick Suzuki essentially reached our projected numbers last season (26 goals and 66 points), so we’re not really going out on a limb here. Our conservative projection is partially based on Suzuki’s 11.4 tEVSH%, 16 iSH% (both career-highs), and lack of overall shot volume (just 5.6 SOG/60 last season). With an average of 21:06 TOI/GM and 67.7% PP Share (3:21 PPTOI/GM), the deployment should ensure a solid fantasy floor; but the pedestrian shot rate will limit his fantasy ceiling and overall appeal. 

🎯 Kirby Dach, C
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PTS. PREDICTION: 19 Goals, 58 Points

Being a Saskatoon resident, I watched Kirby Dach develop with the Saskatoon Blades, so I’ve been pulling for him over the course of his NHL career. Personally, I felt the Blackhawks gave up on this player WAY too quickly. Dach was limited to just 58 games last season due to injury, but he looked pretty good in a limited sample size during the second half of the season – 11 points and 6 goals in 14 games, a 65-point pace over 82 games. 

Looking at the luck metrics, we should probably exercise some caution though, as Dach’s 13.1 iSH% was a career-high (9.3% career average); and so too was his power play shooting percentage (PPSH%) at 37.5% (career average of 18.3%). Still, playing on a top line and power play with Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki brings all sorts of potential, worth a shot in my opinion. 

🎯 Sean Monahan, C
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PTS. PREDICTION: 19 Goals, 52 Points

Expectations for Sean Monahan are at an all-time low heading into 2023-2024; which actually makes the former Flame an intriguing depth/sleeper option. Monahan played in just 25 games last year, but managed to produce 17 points and 6 goals, a 56-point pace over 82 games. That is the best rate of production that we’ve seen from the 28-year old since the 2019-2020 season. Speaking of rates, Monahan’s shot rate was also his best since 2019-2020 at 7.6 SOG/60 (2.2 SOG/GM).

Additionally, every luck metric we review for regression (iSH%, tEVSH%, IPP, 2A/60, and PPSH%) suggests that Monahan’s production was limited by poor luck and could improve by a fair amount next season. The most intriguing number for me is the power play shooting percentage (PPSH%), which was a career-low for Monahan at just 7.6% (only 13 SOG), compared to his career average of 18.6%. If Monahan can maintain his 62.3% PP Share from last season, there is no doubt he improves on that conversion rate. The other metric worth mentioning is Monahan’s secondary assist rate per 60, which sat at 0.21 this past season; down from his career average of 0.37 2A/60. Just 1 secondary assist in 25 games projects to a grand total of just 3 over a full season – expect to see 5 or 6 more secondary assists next season, if healthy.   

🎯 Brendan Gallagher, RW
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PTS. PREDICTION: 18 Goals, 35 Points


🎯 Juraj Slafkovsky, LW
2022 Avg. ADP: — | PTS. PREDICTION: 14 Goals, 29 Points

It’s nearly impossible to accurately project a player with just 39 games of NHL experience. Keep a close eye on Slafkovsky during pre-season to see how he is deployed. If the 2022 #1 overall pick gets top 6 minutes, this projection will look better.  

🎯 Josh Anderson, RW
2022 Avg. ADP: 142.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 23 Goals, 37 Points


🎯 Alex Newhook, C
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PTS. PREDICTION: 16 Goals, 46 Points


🎯 Mike Matheson, D
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PTS. PREDICTION: 14 Goals, 47 Points

Lane Hutson, Kaiden Guhle, and David Reinbacher are all great prospects; but for now, the power play belongs to Mike Matheson, and that makes him a very serviceable option this coming season. Last year Matheson played 3:11 PPTOI/GM (63.3% PP Share) and 24:27 TOI/GM – that is a certified recipe for fantasy success. The Habs blueliner posted career-highs in SOG/60 (6.4) and Pts/60 (1.7), while also offering up 1.67 Blks/GM and 1.10 Hits/GM. Matheson’s 9 power play points (PPP) aren’t anything to write home about, but it was another career-high, and should increase as Montreal improves on their 29th ranked power play (16.10%). 

One number that is a bit concerning, individual points percentage (IPP). Matheson posted an IPP of 53.97% in 2022-2023, which was not only a personal high, but ranked 9th among all defenseman last season! Expect that number to regress closer to his career average of 35%. For reference, the average NHL defenceman will post an IPP of 30%.    

🎯 Kaiden Guhle, D
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PTS. PREDICTION: 9 Goals, 34 Points

It was a rough second half for the Habs 21-year old defenceman, playing in just 8 total games due to injury, while posting 4 points and 2 goals. The first half of the 2022-2023 season was a different story though, as Guhle managed a respectable 16 points (4 goals) in 40 games – a 33-point pace over 82 games – while playing +19:39 TOI/GM, with minimal power play time. We have no expectation that there will be an increase in power play time for next season; but our projection is based on Guhle playing a similar average of 20:30 TOI/GM in 2023-2024.  

🎯 Sam Montembault, G
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PREDICTION: 45 Starts (55% Net Share), 18 Wins


🎯 Jake Allen, G
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PREDICTION: 37 Starts (45% Net Share), 13 Wins
📃Watchlist: Casey DeSmith (G)


Ottawa Senators

39-35-8 (6th in Atlantic) | GF/GM: 3.16 (18th) | GA/GM: 3.29 (20th) | GF%: 48.96 (21st) | CF%: 51.49 (12th) | PP%: 23.53 (8th) | PK%: 80.07 (14th)

Schedule Notes: The Ottawa Senators have 14 back-to-back sets this season; tied for 3rd most with Carolina. 23 of their games (28%) are played on “light days” (days where fewer than 50% of teams are in action), tied for 3rd fewest with the Boston Bruins in 2023-2024.

Key Additions: Vladimir Tarasenko (RW), Dominik Kubalik (LW), Joonas Korpisalo (G)

Key Departures: Alex DeBrincat (RW), Cam Talbot (G)

Top Fantasy Targets

🎯 Brady Tkachuk, LW
2022 Avg. ADP: 31.5 | PTS. PREDICTION: 35 Goals, 84 Points

Brady Tkachuk was FIRST among all NHL forwards and SECOND among all skaters (including defenseman) with a combined total of 598 shots on goal, blocked shots, and hits. Add to that 126 penalty minutes (3rd overall), and you have an absolute stud for multi-category fantasy formats. 

Our projection sees Tkahuck posting essentially the same point totals as last season, though the underlying metrics suggest we should expect some level of regression. At 0.54 secondary assists per 60 (2A/60), the Senators captain experienced a nearly 70% increase from 2021-2022, accounting for 4 additional secondary assists. Tkachuk’s individual shooting percentage (10.1%) was a touch above his career average of 9.4%; and so too were the other luck metrics, though to a lesser extent.

It’s also worth mentioning that Tkachuk set a new career-high with a shot rate of 13.60 SOG/60, good enough for third overall in the NHL. At this point, 25 goals is his FLOOR. 

🎯 Tim Stutzle, LW
2022 Avg. ADP: 88.5 | PTS. PREDICTION: 37 Goals, 94 Points

Tim Stutzle is going to be a personal target of mine for the upcoming season after exploding for 90 points and 39 goals in 78 games in 2022-2023. With 210 career NHL games played entering his 4th season, it appears Stutzle already had his breakout season; but at just 21-years of age, you have to think there is another gear (or two) for the young German. 

Stutzle’s production was aided by a career-best 17.1 iSH% (14.2 career average) and secondary assist rate per 60 (0.57 2A/60), so expect some regression in those metrics; but the overall production shouldn’t fall off significantly. 

It’s interesting to note that Stutzle played at a 105-point, 43-goal pace over the final 40 games of the season…📈

🎯 Claude Giroux, C/RW
2022 Avg. ADP: 90.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 29 Goals, 74 Points

At age 35, Claude Giroux surprised everyone by posting a career-best 35 goals, and best offensive-output since 2018-2019 with 79 points in 82 games. At 16.4%, Giroux’s shooting percentage was significantly higher than his 3-year (13.4%) and career (11.5%) averages; and paired with his age, it would be safe to assume a healthy reduction in goals next season.  

🎯 Drake Batherson, RW
2022 Avg. ADP: 86.5 | PTS. PREDICTION: 29 Goals, 70 Points

Drake Batherson had a career year in 2022-2023 with 62 points and 22 goals in 82 games. However, his individual shooting percentage took a dip at 8.8%, down considerably from his 3-year (11.9%) and career (11.9%) averages. If Batherson shot at 11.9% this past season, he would have finished the year with 30 goals; we’re expecting him to be right in that range again in 2023-2024. 

Looking at the advanced metrics, Batherson has some potential for growth, specifically with his power play shooting percentage (PPSH%) and team’s even-strength shooting percentage (tEVSH%). Batherson saw 3:50 PPTOI/GM (63% PP Share) and converted on 20.5% of his 68 shots with the man-advantage; down just slightly from his career PPSH% of 22.7%. A 6.6 tEVSH% was down from Batherson’s career average of 7.7%, and a significant reduction from the 10.6% we saw from him in 2021-2022. Expect good things from the former fourth rounder. 

🎯 Vladimir Tarasenko , RW
2022 Avg. ADP: 50.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 26 Goals, 64 Points


🎯 Josh Norris, C
2022 Avg. ADP: 77.5 | PTS. PREDICTION: 31 Goals, 62 Points


🎯 Dominik Kubalik, LW
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PTS. PREDICTION: 19 Goals, 45 Points


🎯 Thomas Chabot, D
2022 Avg. ADP: 102.5 | PTS. PREDICTION: 12 Goals, 54 Points

Prior to last season, Thomas Chabot had scored a grand total of just 3 PPGs in 313 NHL games! That changed in 2022-2023, when the Sens blueliner shot 14.2% (career-high) on 35 power play shots, cashing in 5 PPGs and 20 PPPs. Assuming Chabot maintains his 62.5% PP Share, I could see another 20 PPPs; but will he continue producing PPGs? 

Another metric worth mentioning is Chabot’s IPP of 34.5%, which was a career low last season – expect that to be closer to his career average and bring up his overall production.  

🎯 Jakob Chychrun, D
2022 Avg. ADP: 134.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 16 Goals, 52 Points
🎯 Jake Sanderson, D
2022 Avg. ADP: 142.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 5 Goals, 36 Points


🎯 Joonas Korpisalo, G
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PREDICTION: 49 Starts (60% Net Share), 25 Wins

I do think Joonas Korpisalo will do well in Ottawa next season, and he’s certainly a valuable Zero G option in my mind. However, it is worth mentioning that the former King’s even-strength save percentage (EVSV%) last season was the second-highest of his career at .926%; Korpisalo’s career EVSV% is actually just .912. Adjusting for career EVSV% and league averages, as well as moving to a worse shot suppression team, Korpisalo could see his overall save percentage and GAA dip in 2023-2024. 

🎯 Anton Forsberg, G
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PREDICTION: 33 Starts (40% Net Share), 18 Wins

Anton Forsberg declared himself “100%” recently, according to a tweet from Sportsnet. That’s great to hear considering the ugly nature of his injury last year (torn MCLs in both knees). If healthy, it would not surprise me to see a 50/50 split in the crease for the Senators next season. 

📃Watchlist: Ridley Greig (C)


Tampa Bay Lightning

46-30-6 (3rd in Atlantic) | GF/GM: 3.41 (8th) | GA/GM: 3.07 (4th) | GF%: 52.63 (12th) | CF%: 51.35 (15th) | PP%: 25.36 (3rd) | PK%: 79.69 (15th)

Schedule Notes: The Tampa Bay Lightning have 10 back-to-back sets this season; tied for the fourth fewest among all NHL clubs in 2023-2024. 17 of their games (21%) are played on “light days” (days where fewer than 50% of teams are in action), the lowest for next season.

Key Additions: Conor Sheary (LW), Josh Archibald (RW), Logan Brown (C), Calvin de Haan (D)

Key Departures: Alex Killorn (LW), Ross Colton (C ), Pat Maroon (LW), Corey Perry (RW), Ian Cole (D)

Top Fantasy Targets

🎯 Nikita Kucherov, RW
2022 Avg. ADP: 9.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 39 Goals, 109 Points

Nikita Kucherov is coming off his first full season in 3 years in which he amassed 112 points over 82 games. One thing to note is Kucherov’s individual shooting percentage (iSH%) dropped to 11.1% last season on 271 shots – down from his career average of 14.5%. Some positive regression could be possible this year for him. An elite offensive talent, Kucherov will be a staple on the top line and PP1. Solid 1st round option in any season-long redraft league.

🎯 Steven Stamkos, C/LW
2022 Avg. ADP: 19.5 | PTS. PREDICTION: 38 Goals, 87 Points

Steven Stamkos had a solid year last season with 84 points over 81 games. His iSH% at 13.8% is slightly down from his career average of 16.7%. Again I could see some positive regression from Stamkos as well. A constant in the top 6 and on PP1, Stamkos should be a solid point per game option again in 2023-2024. The Bolts captain should return value at his current ADP of 35.2. 

🎯 Brayden Point, C
2022 Avg. ADP: 115.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 41 Goals, 85 Points

2022-2023 was the first time in four seasons that Brayden Point produced at a point per game or better (1.16 Pts/GM, 95 points, 51 goals). Those results were partially boosted by the fact that Point was converting shots at a rate of 21.7%, nearly 4% above his career average. Interestingly, Point was the only player over the last three seasons to shoot above 20% for a full 82 games (though a handful did shoot over 20% in 80 or 81 games). 

My point being, expect to see a regression in goals this coming season; especially when you consider that Point is actually not a high-volume shooter. Last season was a career-high for Point at 8.7 SOG/60, not something you’d expect from a 51-goal guy.

It was a similar story on the power play, as the Bolts center shot 29.8%, the second highest of his career; and well above his average of 23.4%. It should also be noted that Point’s secondary assist rate per 60 (2A/60) was a career-high at 0.70, nearly 40% higher than the previous season. Based on career averages, expect to see 4 or 5 fewer secondary assists for Point in 2023-2024. 

🎯 Brandon Hagel, LW/RW
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PTS. PREDICTION: 30 Goals, 62 Points

Coming off a career year in which he posted 64 points (30 goals) in 81 games. That performance earned Hagel a nice $52M contract extension for the next 8 years at a $6.5M AAV. Well done for a Sasky boy – career bests in just about every category last season. If Hagel remains top 6 and PP1 deployment, he will be a great option this season in that Tampa Bay offense; and should be able to repeat (exceed?) last year’s numbers. Undrafted in season-long redraft leagues in 2022-2023, Hagel is going on average at 140.9 (11th round) early in mock draft season! It will be hard to return value at that ADP in my opinion. 

🎯 Anthony Cirelli, C/LW
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PTS. PREDICTION: 22 Goals, 47 Points
🎯 Tanner Jeannot, C/LW
2022 Avg. ADP: 168 | PTS. PREDICTION: 18 Goals, 40 Points

Tanner Jeannot is one-year removed from a 41-point, 24-goal season in which he collected 130 PIMS, 318 Hits, and 64 Blocks in just under 16 minutes of ice time per game. Tampa is noticeably thinner upfront and it’s not a stretch to suggest that Jeannot sees large amounts of time in the top 6 this year. If the former Pred can improve his shot volume (just 1.4 SOG/GM last season), and experiences some positive regression in his 5.6 iSH% (21.7%, 19.4% in years 1 and 2), another 20+ goal season should be no problem. NOTE: 6.6 tEVSH%. 40% PP S% in 2021-2022 (2 goals on 5 shots, 40 MIN PPTOI), did not score a goal in 32 minutes PPTOI last year with 5 shots on goal.

🎯 Victor Hedman, D
2022 Avg. ADP: 12.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 14 Goals, 62 Points

Victor Hedman or Mikhail Sergachev? That is the question literally every fantasy manager is asking themselves right now after watching Sergachev play the last 22 games of the regular season with a 70.2% PP Share! Sergachev also played 23:46 TOI/GM, while producing 24 points (3 goals) in those final 22 games. Hedman on the other hand, played just 21:55 TOI/GM with a 27.2% PP Share (1:21 PPTOI/GM), finishing the season with only 9 points (4 goals). Was Hedman injured? Were the Lightning resting Hedman for the playoffs? The 32-year-old’s troubles did extend into the post-season as well, where he played 23:38 TOI/GM with a 21.1% PP Share (1:08/GM) and just 3 assists in 5 games. Conversely, Sergachev played 26:55 TOI/GM with 59.8% PP Share, posting 3 points (1 goal) in 6 games. 

🎯 Mikhail Sergachev, D
2022 Avg. ADP: 117.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 9 Goals, 65 Points

Setting a career high in points last season with 64 (10 goals), Sergachev saw his PP% rise to 48.1%, much of that time on PP1. He had 27 Power play points which is almost 4 times as many as previous years. He took 156 shots on goal and 128 hits. We’re predicting another outstanding season from the 25-year old.

🎯 Andrei Vasilevskiy, G
2022 Avg. ADP: 7.0 | PREDICTION: 62 Starts (76% Net Share), 34 Wins

Concerned fantasy managers looking at Andrei Vasilevskiy’s declining save percentage over the past three seasons should take a deep breath, nothing to see here. “Vasy” has been the model of consistency since 2016-2017, posting overall save percentages in the .915-.925 range, and starting no less than 31 wins since 2017-2018. Better yet, Vasilevksiy’s even-strength save percentage (EVSV%) over his career is an impressive .925, 10th among all goaltenders (min. 100 GP) since he entered the league.

With Jonas Johansson serving as the backup in Tampa Bay, fantasy managers can rest assured that barring injury, Vasilevskiy is going to start a minimum of 60 games this season.    

📃Watchlist: Nicholas Paul (LW), Connor Sheary (LW)


Toronto Maple Leafs

50-21-11 (2nd in Atlantic) | GF/GM: 3.39 (9th) | GA/GM: 2.68 (7th) | GF%: 55.82 (6th) | CF%: 50.81 (17th) | PP%: 26.02 (2nd) | PK%: 81.85 (12th)

Schedule Notes: The Toronto Maple Leafs have 13 back-to-back sets this season; tied for 4th most with Columbus and Montreal. 27 of their games (33%) are played on “light days” (days where fewer than 50% of teams are in action), tied for 8th fewest with Carolina, Calgary, Detroit, and Florida.

Key Additions: Tyler Bertuzzi (LW), Max Domi (C), Ryan Reaves (RW), John Klingberg (D), Martin Jones (G)

Key Departures: Ryan O’Reilly (C), Alex Kerfoot (C), Michael Bunting (LW), Noel Acciari (C), Erik Gustafsson (D), Justin Holl (D), Luke Schenn (D), Victor Mete (D)

Top Fantasy Targets

🎯 Auston Matthews, C
2022 Avg. ADP: 2.5 | PTS. PREDICTION: 62 Goals, 100 Points

Prior to 2022-2023, Auston Matthews averaged an individual shooting percentage of 16.4%, a full 4.2% higher than his conversion rate from this past season (a career-low 12.2%). Based on last season’s 327 shots on goal, 16.4% would have meant a 54-goal, +100-point season, and the critics out there would have very little to say. With a new 4-year contract extension in hand, Matthews and Leafs fans alike can focus on the on-ice results.

🎯 Mitch Marner, RW
2022 Avg. ADP: 16.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 32 Goals, 100 Points

Mitch Marner had another solid season in 2022-2023 with 99 points (30 goals) in 80 games played. I still think they should have played him in the last game so he could have a shot at 100 points, oh well I guess. Marner saw a significant increase in power play points from 25 to 36. Overall, Marner’s shot rate (SOG/60) was down to 6.8 last season from 8.9 the year previous, something he will need to correct next season. With some new teammates in the top 6 the Leafs are going to be dangerous yet again, and Marner will obviously be a key part of that. 

🎯 William Nylander, LW/RW
2022 Avg. ADP: 59.5 | PTS. PREDICTION: 39 Goals, 85 Points


🎯 John Tavares, C
2022 Avg. ADP: 70.5 | PTS. PREDICTION: 36 Goals, 80 Points


🎯 Tyler Bertuzzi, LW
2022 Avg. ADP: 173.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 28 Goals, 70 Points

The former Red Wing had a career year in 2021-2022, producing 62 points and 30 goals in 68 games (a 75-point pace). This past season was a disappointment though, as he only appeared in 50 games posting 30 points and 8 goals. Bertuzzi looked more himself after joining the Bruins though, putting up 16 points (4 goals) in 21 regular season games; and 10 points (5 goals) in 7 post-season games. Bertuzzi’s shot volume was a career-best in the playoffs at 3.0 SOG/GM (10.0 SOG/60) and for banger leagues he threw a healthy 2.57 Hits/GM! 7 games is obviously a small sample size, and Bertuzzi did shoot at 23.8%, but it does offer some optimism for this coming season. Playing next to Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, two elite fantasy producers, will certainly make Tyler Bertuzzi very appealing in season-long fantasy formats next Fall. Expect a career season.

🎯 Max Domi, C
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PTS. PREDICTION: 18 Goals, 52 Points


🎯 Matthew Knies, LW
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PTS. PREDICTION: 15 Goals, 42 Points

At +2500, Matthew Knies is the 7th ranked player in the Calder Trophy betting odds – may be worth sprinkling a few bucks on (obviously a long-shot).

🎯 Morgan Rielly, D
2022 Avg. ADP: 60.0 | PTS. PREDICTION: 8 Goals, 49 Points


🎯 John Klingberg, D
2022 Avg. ADP: 125.5 | PTS. PREDICTION: 10 Goals, 50 Points

Similar to Hedman/Sergachev, fantasy managers are asking themselves – who locks up PP1 for the Maple Leafs this season? If Yahoo ADP numbers are to be trusted (they aren’t this time of year), they would suggest that Morgan Reilly still has the inside track for the power play. 

🎯 Ilya Samsonov, G
2022 Avg. ADP: 150.0 | PREDICTION: 48 Starts (59% Net Share), 32 Wins


🎯 Joseph Woll, G
2022 Avg. ADP: – | PREDICTION: 34 Starts (41% Net Share), 18 Wins

We have to agree with Michael Amato, Joseph Woll is a low-key, potentially valuable Zero G option for next season. Consider that Ilya Samsonov has never played more than 44 games during a season, as well as injuries and inconsistent play, and you have a potential scenario where Woll takes over the Leafs crease. It’s a VERY limited sample size, but in 11 games with the Maple Leafs, the 25-year old has posted a 9-2-0 record with a .924 SV% and 2.38 GAA – fantastic numbers. There is a possibility that the Leafs “backup” netminder becomes the 2023-2024 version of Stuart Skinner; who you will recall had a 29-14-5 with a .914 SV% and 2.73 GAA, and was a Calder Trophy candidate.


2023-2024 Way-Too-Early Predictions

Michael Amato’s Picks: 
  • Who wins the Atlantic Division next season? Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Who wins the Stanley Cup? Edmonton Oilers
  • Who wins the Rocket Richard Trophy? Mikko Rantanen
  • Who wins the Art Ross Trophy? Connor McDavid
  • Who wins the Norris Trophy? Dougie Hamilton
  • Who wins the Vezina Trophy? Ilya Sorokin
  • Who wins the Calder Trophy? Connor Bedard

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