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Weekly NHL Team Power Rankings

Below are our weekly NHL Team Power Rankings heading into the 2023-2024 NHL regular season. These rankings will be updated each week throughout the regular season, so be sure to check back regularly for updated rankings! The rankings are based on games played and will improve as the sample of games grows throughout the season. We know that rankings never please everyone, so send us your feedback! 

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Boston Bruins1.54610
New Jersey Devils0.77920
Dallas Stars0.76730
Edmonton Oilers0.72440
Toronto Maple Leafs0.70650
New York Rangers0.69660
Carolina Hurricanes0.66770
Colorado Avalanche0.61280
Vegas Golden Knights0.48690
Tampa Bay Lightning0.366100
Seattle Kraken0.36110
Los Angeles Kings0.268120
New York Islanders0.25130
Florida Panthers0.244140
Winnipeg Jets0.235150
Minnesota Wild0.206160
Calgary Flames0.029170
Pittsburgh Penguins0.021180
Buffalo Sabres-0.011190
Ottawa Senators-0.086200
Washington Capitals-0.104210
Nashville Predators-0.126220
Vancouver Canucks-0.291230
Detroit Red Wings-0.438240
St. Louis Blues-0.475250
Philadelphia Flyers-0.629260
Montreal Canadiens-0.845270
Arizona Coyotes-0.851280
San Jose Sharks-1.053290
Chicago Blackhawks-1.169300
Columbus Blue Jackets-1.346310
Anaheim Ducks-1.537320